Pound Cake Remix

The Homie Rayshon Roberts killing the track

Without Him

The homie Jordan Nitchoff Doe track check it out

Russell - Only You

This Cat Can Spitt

Practice Freestyle

Hey guys working on a mixtape here’s one of the first songs I finished I hope you like it thanks for listening

Without It


Let me just say yeah yaw pretty

Sometimes when yaw around I get real shifty

Having a girlfriend takes a lot of work

I just want to make it clear I aint dying a thirst

I’ve rehearsed some moments I want to happen

I’m married to God and I’m getting dope at rapping

It’s real I chill til infinity

Taking another look is definitely sin to me

Attention might be the best feeling

I focus

On the boss that’s why I’m looking at the ceiling G

I’ve been involved in convo’s

Where we make these plans

In reality life gets even worse

When you’re married


Go ahead and hold her purse

She’s the new bestfriend

You get open with her first

I hope its well rehearsed

You gotta be on your game

Because yaw can’t get divorced

I’ve exercised my rights to all kinds of opinions

Stay saturated kidds

Because being married is never where the sin ends

So take a cold shower focus on the father

Truth is when you’re married

Sin only gets harder